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The Strategist /avril 2022

Le début de la reconnaissance médiatique du sabot Plasticana (modèle Gardana) est venue de l’élite rédactionnelle du New York Magazine et de son organe numérique d’élection de produits : The Strategist qui avait fait une sélection de 9 produits en juillet 2021. 
Cette fois ci , le 4 avril 2022, dans une sélection de sabots mondiaux , la petite marque française Plasticana se retrouve élue parmi les plus grandes . Mille merci ! A.R


Here Are All of Our Favorite Clogs in One Place

By Liza Corsillo and Sanibel Chai

« These French-made gardening clogs are 100 percent recyclable thanks to the innovative hemp plastic used to make them. They look a bit like hobbit shoes with their speckled semi-transparent tops but they’re actually very stylish in person. Former Strategist writer Hilary Reid has been wearing hers for about a year. “I’m honestly surprised by how often I wear them,” she says. “In the past, I thought rubber shoes might give you blisters or feel clammy, but that was totally wrong. These clogs are warm, soft on the inside, and have been useful for everything from wearing at home as slippers to running errands in my neighborhood.” They’re also waterproof and, according to Reid, great in the rain. »