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Oh la la ! C’est au tour du meilleur magazine mondial pour les globe-trotters d’adopter la démarche Plasticana, Et évidemment de faire passer le modèle choisi (la botte Kapitana) dans la moulinette de leur expertise (5/5 pour l’imperméabilité et la performance ) A remarquer le crédit de marque apporté à l’épicentre du phénomène de mode aux USA de la chaussure Plasticana : le concept store Salter House dans le titre de leur article . Et c’est bien mérité, les pionniers doivent toujours être récompensé de leur audace ! A.R

Best Pull-on

Salter House Plasticana Hemp

Salter’s Hemp Wellies aren’t just sustainable; they also feel supportive and run true to size. They do require a break-in period, but they offer support for both the ankles and arches, and their tighter calf helps prevent any moisture from sneaking into the top of the boot. They’re also a little heavy, but they have good traction, with no slippage occurring, and can easily be worn out and about for the day. The construction feels sturdy and long-lasting, and while they only come in one color, it’s an attractive neutral that will look good with whatever you pair it with..

Our Ratings

  • Durability 4/5
  • Performance 5/5
  • Waterproofing 5/5
  • Value 5/5
  • Fit 4/5

Why We Love It

  • These hemp-based boots feel durable and look cute.

What to Consider

  • They only come in one color and are unlined.

Petite histoire de Travel + Leisure

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Much has changed since our first issue was published back in 1971 — for starters, we swapped the ampersand sign for a plus symbol and we launched this website in 1998. But one thing remained the same — and that’s our passion for travel, both near and far. Today, we reach more than 16 million travelers every month, and our team includes a network of hundreds of writers and photographers across the globe, all providing a local eye on the best places to stay, eat, see, and explore.

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